Club Membership

Exciting Membership Offers!

British Judo Association Launches Three Exciting Membership Offers!

OFFER 1: All members that renewed their licence over the past twelve months (between the dates of the first lockdown on 18th April 2020 through to 18th April 2021 will receive a four-month extension as a way of us saying thank you for supporting the Association. The extensions will take place over the coming days, meaning that members who have kept their membership valid for the whole of the lockdown period will have received a maximum of eight months extension in total.

OFFER 2: Any lapsed member who renews their licence between today and 31st July will receive 15 months membership for the price of 12. (NOTE: this offer is only valid to members whose British Judo membership has lapsed).

OFFER 3: We are removing the price of an Introductory membership (RRP: £16) which means that all new members will have the option of claiming a free 90-day introductory membership to the Association before having to pay for a full membership. Full terms and conditions are available on our website.